Hello! Thanks for stopping by our site.  I live and work in California’s San Francisco Bay Area with my wife, Saskia, and our two beautiful daughters.  Saskia and I had our own dream wedding in two parts six years ago in both her native city of Amsterdam and a oak tree sheltered residence here in California where we camped for 4 days with our nearest & dearest.  Our life together has been an exercise in creativity as we’ve embraced the way multiple languages, a community of local artists, and our own girls open our imaginations and keep the wheels turning in every aspect of what it is to be a human and a family. (more below)

I graduated from Cal Poly’s Art and Design Program with an emphasis in Photography. I’m grateful for the chance I had to study photography formally—for those hours in the darkroom and the way that using film and making gelatin prints has enriched my craft.  My fascination with human interaction and telling the story of love in all its wild iterations led me to wedding photography with a journalistic foundation.

My marriage has been my own greatest adventure and I enjoy the uniqueness of each couple I have the honor to serve. I believe in the sanctity of the wedding day and the still image. We will give our all in uniting those for you.