Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 6.33.32 PM (1)Photographer

Lisa Beth Anderson has been photographing weddings—from Puerto Rico to Northern California—for ten years. Her wedding     photography has been featured by The Knot, Juno & Joy, In Love in the City, Brown Sparrow Wedding, and other trend-               setting, love-centric publications.

Lisa’s wedding photography is informed by her affection for wild spaces, her celebration of love in its many shapes and sizes,       and her ability to make people feel like themselves when she’s behind her camera.
Working as an associate, Lisa would be responsible for image capturing on the day of your wedding. Benjamin would be               responsible for everything else including contracting, photo editing, delivery and website maintenance.



2015-07-14_0054Planning & Design

Saskia Winter founded MOOI weddings when she followed the love of her life and moved from Amsterdam to San Francisco.      Saskia has a Bachelors Degree  in event production from the University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Equipped with a              background as a festival and theater producer and having attended numerous weddings as a photography assistant, she could      not visit one more wedding without wanting to jump in and make the day’s events run smoothly.  In a way, weddings are small    festivals, so the step to wedding planning was easily made. She is you wedding fairy godmother.  Everything from stationary,        wedding day design and scope of coordination, Saskia will make it MOOI.

Check out for everything about MOOI! There’s too much to list here.

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