I personally really connected with the setting and style of this one.  I was eating it up on this perfect Big Sur summer day at a private residence.  Our stunning bohemian bride, Ali and not un-handsome Patrick really let the day flow and barely stopped smiling.  Getting married on the coast is always a gamble if you want sun, but we scored.  This very cool longtime couple threw a humdinger of a party with 100 of their nearest & dearest.  It’s amazing how well the look of the wedding melded together with such a broad spectrum of color & style.  When you get that many snazzy dressers in one amazing sea cliff setting, I can do no wrong!


It’s so sweet to serve a couple who you know had to sacrifice so much to be together.  All the circumstances fade away next to the necessity to be together.  Louise came from England to Lafayette, CA. to be with Toby.  That’s it.  This is a common story in our times and anyone who has done it (including myself) knows that the sacrifices made to be together refines your love.  I have to confess that I love when couples don’t want to ‘make a big deal’ out of a small civil ceremony, and then everyone ends up a blubbering mess.  It’s always a big deal!  These beautiful people will make it.



Quirky Cool Annie & Nate!  We had a blast at their engagement session at Chrissy Field in San Francisco and the surrounding industrial areas. Their spirit is so loose and fun that all I had to do was keep up.  The wedding day at the amazingly elegant, yet natural setting of Solage in Calistoga CA. was the same.  Everything flowed because they were so able to be themselves and soak up the day.  Some people miss their own wedding getting lost in the details and concern that all their time and money will be manifested in the ‘perfect’ way. Remember it’s about your love, your story and that’s what will make the day everything you hoped for and your images magic.  Annie & Nate were so good at letting go and letting the day wash over them, that I think they would say it WAS perfect.


Jess and Alex are sincerely one of the couples we clicked with best in all my years of doing this.  When we met for a consult, besides being potential friends, we loved their demeanor and attitude toward their wedding.  Ceremony and reception were held at the Depot Hotel in Sonoma, CA.  True to form, they were cool as cucumbers and open to really fun ideas for photographs.  We felt so comfortable blending into the landscape of this fun group, that they in return respond very naturally toward me and the camera.  We all had a lot of fun.

Sonoma Sweet

Sonoma Sweet